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The cold shower to improve your productivity.

The next few months will be all about saving energy. So why not take advantage of it to improve your productivity as well?

Cold showers have long been used in sports to facilitate muscle recovery after intense training or competition. However, the benefits of cold showers are not reserved for high-level athletes!

Let's take a look at the benefits of adding a cold shower to your daily routine and add some tips to make the whole process more comfortable.


  1. The cold shower strengthens physical health and your immunity.

Say goodbye to a failing immune system with regular cold showers. Cold showers generate internal body heat. The process is called thermogenesis and it leads to enhanced immunity, improved pain and stress tolerance, fights fatigue and also prevents depression.

According to one study, participants who incorporated cold showers into their routine had a 29% lower absenteeism rate.


  1. Boost your mood with a cold shower.

Taking a cold water shower requires a certain amount of motivation and willpower that can result in an overall positive effect on your mental health. Cold showers help activate the sympathetic nervous system, creating an anti-depressant effect. Cold water on the face, also helps to get rid of drowsiness.


  1. Stimulates blood circulation.

When icy water splashes the body, our adaptive system sends more blood to the organs. This protects the organs from the cold. There is a marked increase in blood flow while taking a cold shower.


  1. Healthier looking hair and skin.

Make your hair and skin glow by turning down the temperature in the shower. Cold water helps lock in moisture to prevent hair breakage and temporarily tightens skin pores, leaving your face less red and puffy.

The improved circulation also adds a healthy glow to your skin and hair.


  1. Time management.

When you step out of the ice cold shower in the morning, you'll be more alert and energized, ready to face the day and its challenges. While this is not a direct effect of cold showers, if you are one of those people who wonder how to improve your time management skills, this simple change can make a big improvement to those sluggish times. A cold shower first thing in the morning is sure to make you more alert, efficient at work and enthusiastic.


  1. Increased testosterone levels.

Just as exercise raises your testosterone level, a few minutes in the cold shower will also raise it. Your testosterone level then stays high throughout the day. This increases your metabolic rate, burns fat, improves your overall mood, competitive spirit and increases your tolerance for problems.


  1. Physical advantages.

Cold water has many health benefits. It soothes inflammation and relieves stress on the body's muscles, helping to combat muscle and joint pain.


To summarize, the benefits of something as simple as a regular cold shower in the morning can effectively combat lethargy and mind fog, increase productivity and boost enthusiasm.


Tips for getting the most out of your cold shower routine

  1. Prepare yourself mentally. Cold showers can be hard to adjust to, so prepare your mind to embrace the cold.
  2. Adjust gradually. Since cold showers can be uncomfortable at first, take time to adjust your body to the change in temperature. The more your body is accustomed to cold water, the longer you can tolerate cold showers.
  3. Do breathing exercises. Breathing sends a calm signal to the brain, which is fundamental to helping your body cope with cold temperatures.
  4. Make it a routine. You'll never adjust to cold showers if you only take them occasionally, so try to establish a daily routine instead.
  5. Try alternating showers. If a cold shower is too painful, try an alternating shower with hot and cold temperatures. You still get the benefits of a cold shower while retaining the long, relaxing feeling of a hot shower. Just be sure to end the alternating shower with cold water.


Now it's your turn to play! Enjoy your shower!

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