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Your will is less important than your environment.

When you are trying to achieve your goals, your willpower is less important than your environment.

They say that willpower is like a muscle. And like any other muscle, you can train and strengthen your willpower over time. So training your willpower today will make your job a little easier tomorrow.

Easy, isn't it? To change our lives, we need to work on our will a little more every day, and before long, we'll be ready to conquer the world! Well, not exactly.

The problem with willpower is that it's a pretty weak muscle. Our power to control our willpower is quickly depleted.

Consider the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the world. The facts are quite alarming: by 2025, it is predicted that most people in the world will be overweight or obese. Is this due to a lack of willpower? Was it a greater willpower that kept our ancestors skinny?

Of course not. In the past, people didn't have to rely on willpower to stay slim. What has changed since then is our environment. These days, rather than working outside, most of us have sedentary jobs and sit at our desks all day. And the food we rely on is often unhealthy food from food industries.

Our environment has encouraged our weight gain. But fortunately, the power of your environment can also be a beneficial solution. How? By considering Darwin's theory between natural and domesticated evolution.

In natural evolution, organisms adapt to whatever situation they find themselves in. So, if it is useful to be smaller, a species may start to shrink. Essentially, they are forced to adapt to their environment.

Compare this with domesticated evolution, the evolution of animals and plants under human direction. Because we control the environments of these organisms, we can produce specific, purposeful traits that would not occur in nature, such as larger fruit and fatter livestock.

When it comes to people, many of us are like naturally evolving wild animals. We are often unable to change our environments, so we adapt to them instead, whether or not it benefits us in the long run.

Others do the opposite. Similar to the way we treat the animals we domesticate, they design their environments so that any adaptation is actually an improvement, bringing them one step closer to their goals.

The trick is to design an environment that leaves you no choice but to "fit" your ideal "YOU".

During our coaching sessions at ISHP, we enable you to create a professional and private environment ideal for your progress and success.

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